St. Gregor Illuminator’s church inauguration in Koghb

A beautiful and crowded inauguration ceremony marked St. Gregor Illuminator’s church construction termination. It took 6 years to build and about 10 years of detailed and unhurried design work. Two completely different variants where made, of which the second was released to be built.

This ensemble is a result of fruitful interaction of different arts and crafts, of interesting meetings and discussions. Today it began to serve the local people as a new spiritual Centre of Koghb and neighboring communities. During past 10 years our task evolved from a single chapel design to an urban space development, which is aimed to bring change in the quality of life of village population.



RA Ministry of Agriculture Central Laboratory Facility

On Wednesday the 13th July 2016 a brand-new Central Laboratory Facility for RA Ministry of Agriculture was officially opened in Avan district of Yerevan. The program was financed by US Government and implemented by one of biggest US construction companies CH2M HILL as General Contractor.

Facility has two over ground stories and a basement. It has high security level and corresponds all requirements of Armenian construction code as well as Biosafety regulations of WHO referring to this type of Laboratories. High heat insulation level and smart concept of sun protection makes it an energy efficient building. Special attention was given to disabled accessibility issue.



Pesticides` Quality Control Laboratory

Today in Yerevan was an opening party of Pesticides` Quality Control Laboratory, projected by QCA. The program was initiated by FAO of UN, financed by Greece Government and coordinated by FAO Armenia and Armenian Government.

Since 2010, as a result of many discussions finally was decided to build a new building for Pesticides laboratory needs instead of rehabilitation and reconstruction of existing facilities. The new building area is 210 m2, situated in a private area of MOA (ministry of agriculture of Armenia) in Erebouni district. The pesticides` laboratory is equipped with high-tech instruments and engineering systems.




Two studios, one address

We are proud to inform about official opening of a new studio for Quelque-chose Architects from Yerevan and German & Achermann AG from Altdorf, Switzerlad. The opening ceremony took place at 31 Moskovyan str. in Yerevan on October 25-th 2013. Brand new imposing common space will give more opportunities to flexible use of the collaboration potential.


New website

You are visiting the new website of QC-Architects, which is on the web since 23.09.2013. It is still under construction and fulfilling, so some minor functional issues or content lacks are possible.